Diskdigger, recover your deleted files on Android

If you accidentally deleted data, it’s time to download Diskdigger. When we use our Android device, we handle a large amount of data in the form of files, photos, videos, music, etc. Likewise, these data are stored on the SD card or in the internal memory of our mobile / tablet, which can result in extremely important information and that sometimes we erase or delete accidentally or by mistake.

The advantage of buying the paid version and downloading Diskdigger is that we will have 25 more formats to choose from

To try to recover these important data if we have come to the conclusion that we have deleted them by accident, we have Diskdigger , an Android app to download, which although it does not guarantee its recovery, but is one of the best that we can obtain in the Play Store of Google for this purpose.

How to recover deleted files using Diskdigger

We can find it in 2 versions, one paid with the price of 2.2 euros and the other free. Here we will talk about the second option mentioned, since later we will decide if it is worth investing in this application, which recovers the deleted files on our Android device.

Previous considerations before downloading Diskdigger

Before downloading and installing the app on our device we must have root access , as it is one of the requirements for it to function properly. When we have super user permissions, a screen will appear showing the different partitions of the SD card and the phone memory.

We must know in which memory the file that has been accidentally deleted was located, so we will choose the correct partition and then click “Scan device”, where it will show options to filter the files we want to scan based on their format. In this version that we are commenting on, the free version, it will only be possible to recover files with the following extensions: MP4, PNG and JPG . As you can see, video file and images.

Advantages of acquiring the paid version of Diskdigger

The advantage of buying the paid version and downloading Diskdigger is that we will have 25 more formats to choose from:


Practically all the files that are used the most, both on Android and on personal computers. Image formats, video, music, office package, adobe reader, tablets, etc.

After selecting the document extension, it will show us the deleted files, although some may be totally damaged and cannot be recovered, but it is better to try than to settle for data loss.

If after scanning we see our deleted file then we select it and then press “Save local”. Later it will ask us in which folder we want to save to start the recovery. The scan will take a few minutes, all depending on the number of files we are looking for.

Requirements and where to download Diskdigger free for Android

It is a very small application since it will only occupy 635 kb of memory space and requires Android 2.2 or higher versions. The version that we currently find is 1.0-2020-10-31 and we can download it in any of its versions at the following link:

Without a doubt, downloading Diskdigger is presented as a useful option to recover our files or documents, which can get us out of a good hurry, if one of those files is of special importance. If you have had any good or bad experience with this app, you can leave a comment or your opinion about the usefulness of this application.


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