Does Anxiety inherited?

Although there are many different opinions, I really think the answer is yes and no. There may be many factors that contribute and lead to anxiety, some may be genetic, a model of the brain or thinking that is passed from generation, packaging, situation, or a mixture of all.

Hereditary risk factors such as biological causes, or the circumstances of childhood, packaging, trauma and stress in adolescence continues all have the ability to set the stage for panic and potential problems of anxiety. Although reports have indicated that if it runs in your family your chances of developing anxiety or panic is higher, this does not mean you.

Being naturally more anxious, nervous or reactive can make you more likely to develop panic attacks or anxiety, the researchers said. There are other factors too.

The experts also point to parenthood or packaging. Your parents have a fear attitudes themselves may predispose you to a life of fear too. If they had high standards were perfectionists or it could make you more critical about you that could lead to a fearful view of the world and a dubious anxious personality. If they were more protective and you taught that the world is a dangerous place that can cause you to have excessive worry and anxiety.

At the end of the day did not really know how your anxiety started, you can fight and live anxiety free. I know I have been a victim of anxiety over a decade old.

Kirsten Young is a single mother of two boys who first started to panic and anxiety research to help one of his son.


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