Double vision, diplopia: help for sufferers

Reasons for seeing double images, there are many, so for patients often begins a long way in finding the diagnosis and subsequent therapy.

For spatial seeing typically twelve muscles of the eyes and three nerves in the brain are responsible. When diplopia is perceived by the eyes of the images are not merged into the brain to a spatial image. This result has double vision, so that the diplopia is a disorder of vision. The double images can be flipped vertically or horizontally, they are not directly adjacent. The images can also be constantly moving, so as an example of the double image is the top right and the right image at the point in the direction of the gaze.

Double vision diplopia help for sufferers

The causes of Double vision

Numerous causes of injury, inflammation, disorders and diseases of the eye muscles, and tumors of blood vessels in the eyes and the brain can lead to seeing double images.

Other causes of double vision, alcohol, fatigue, thrombosis, stroke, accidents, injuries, poisoning, medications, infections, cranial nerve paralysis and nervous disorders.

The diagnosis of Double vision

Using various tests, the eye examination is performed. With many options like the prism check, the eye movement test, the field size and the covering of the eye to different offers to ophthalmology.

It should be visited in any case, a specialist physician who has established itself in this area and for clarity should meet a specialist in Neuroopthalmologie also.

Other possible tests are the ultrasound diagnosis, cerebrospinal fluid examination, radiographs, blood tests and computed tomography.

The problems of Double vision

The double vision resulting in nerve problems, it is unfamiliar and stressful. The concentration can be greatly after, reading and writing is very difficult by dancing letters and driving can be difficult to impossible. This often has severe limitations in the whole day and there are often a consequence of insomnia, dizziness and headache.

For the problem of strabismus, it is visible to the environment, that with the patient’s eyes something is wrong.

Treatment of Double vision

Look at the double images, the treatment depends on the underlying cause. Where appropriate, bacterial infections and inflammation in the eyes and head are treated with antibiotics.

Immediate medical treatment is required by a stroke, thrombosis and circulatory disturbances.

Surgical intervention may be necessary in tumors and head injuries.

To long-term improvements in visual quality and unique, it comes in eye muscle surgery.

Alternative healing methods, vision therapy, and surgery can help Orthoptics see the long-term problem of double vision, but the treatments can be lengthy.


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