Download on the Internet: what should be known

The Internet offers several ways to download files but not everything can be purchased legally. Which download sites are trustworthy?

If you recall a few years back: The Internet as a medium is considered a playground for hardcore computer professionals with interests far removed from reality, websites were static and offered text and occasional images. In addition, a technique came in the transmission of content, which allowed just three and ten KByte – the quick download of your favorite song or a free virus scanner available from a download page. This image has been transformed in the course of establishing the Internet as a mass medium and the proliferation of technologies for high-speed data traffic such as DSL or UMTS fundamentally. When connecting a private Internet connection in the home, transfer rates are not uncommon from one Mbyte, making an MP3 song download from sites in an estimated five seconds.

Download on the Internet - what should be known

The legality of download sites – which sources are trustworthy?

The average Internet users mainly interested in downloading music, movies or software. You may be guided to the music and movies like from the official websites of the artists or record companies. Meanwhile, the acceptance of the Internet as a distribution platform is very high, so that links are set to trusted download sites. If you visit, for example, the side of the rock band Kings of Leon, one finds links to AmazonMP3 Store, Musicload or iTunes – all sources, thus providing a number of legal download. Similar procedures should be in movies.

Computer Software

In choosing the download pages related to computer software, there is more flexibility. Although manufacturers offer software to their products mostly on their websites, which guarantees the legal download, but the distribution of the software runs very often over large parts of those sites or download sites. Since the sides are behind major publishers that offer the downloads, therefore it’s classified as legal.


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