Dry, brittle hair: moisturize and strengthen it with almond oil and rosehip

It is very common for the long hair, dye or the hangover of summer and the pool becomes dry and brittle due to lack of hydration and nutrition. In general, both problems are compounded by our hair and ends in a deplorable state, with split ends, dull and difficult to handle.

To recover the beauty, shine and health of your hair you have two options: go to hairdressing or fix at home. At the hairdresser can cut the ends, make a hydration, but not always have the time or resources. That’s why we want to approach a solution with accessible materials, natural and efficient.

Natural oils to moisturize and nourish the hair

Oils Rosehip and Almond have a variety of vitamins and essential fatty acids that make up a good overview of hair nutrition. On the other hand its texture provides protection and shelter to the hair shaft preventing hair from becoming dehydrated.

apply in two ways:
Directly on the hair. Apply it on the tips or from the middle of your hair down until moistened. You make a bun, cover it with a cap bath or plastic bag and leave working about an hour. Remove by washing as usual.

In your conditioner in the wash, is one way that works great for your hair that is healthy, hydrated and radiant. When you have conditioner in your hands before applying it, add 5 to 10 drops of rosehip oil or almond and integrate. The number of droplets depends on the length and amount of your hair.

Finally, try to use quality products for the care of your hair and not miss more than two days between washes and good hair products that keep your hair clean and nourished.


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