Edit your video even with Low RAM: without using a lot of memory

At this time and largely thanks to the current power of our PCs, we can carry out tasks almost impossible a few years ago. One of the most demanding types of jobs for a computer has long been anything to do with video editing.

This is something that is especially evident when we work with video files in high definition or even in 4K today . For all this we need powerful software tools, as for example in the case of the Adobe Premiere video editor . This is one of the best known and most used video editing programs, but we have many more at our fingertips. Some more complete and complex than others, all of them try to help us in this specific type of task.

One of the most demanding types of jobs for a computer has long been anything related to video editing

But as we mentioned, these are programs that in general terms tend to be demanding with the PC, as well as the contents that we deal with from here. This translates into a high consumption of resources of the equipment itself, that is, of processor, RAM and even GPU. This is something that is especially palpable if we have an old equipment, or somewhat limited in terms of its internal specifications.

Despite everything, in order to try to minimize all this, we can carry out a series of movements to reduce, for example, the consumption of RAM. Surely this is something that will be very useful to us, especially if at the same time we carry out other tasks with other programs while we edit our videos.

New premiere video editor: Choose well the video editor you need

As we mentioned before, there are many alternatives in the form of video editors . There are very powerful and professional ones, while there are simpler ones. Therefore, we recommend choosing one that suits what we need or know how to use. If we are new to these issues, it does not make sense to use a professional program that consumes a lot of RAM and CPU full of functions that we do not even know how to use.

Save the project every so often

In order for this video editing software not to consume many system resources , another step we can take is to save the project every so often on the hard drive. This prevents the program from making use of the PC’s RAM to temporarily store all the changes we make to the video, thereby saving unnecessary resource consumption.

Divide the original video into several parts

Whenever possible, it is advisable to edit a video in parts. This will allow us to load and edit only what we need at that moment to be storing it little by little in the disk units. This will allow us to work without excesses in the consumption of RAM memory by the editor , and the results will be the same as if we load a huge video in one go.

Do not abuse unnecessary components in the video editor

Say that these video editing programs are very useful for these jobs. One of the main reasons is that they are packed with functions and elements that we can use in the project. But it is not always necessary that we fill the original video content with additional texts , voices, transitions or photos . This will mean a greater workload for the team, and we can also saturate the video as such, spoiling it.


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