Email marketing as an effective business communication

Many companies insist on trying to get new customers through email marketing or telemarketing, but now that there are other ways, more effective and less annoying, maybe it is time to reserve it only for specific cases.

The phone call that proposes the purchase of a product or, worse, that mask an attempt to sell with a mysterious survey or other petty stratagems, is perceived as intrusive and inappropriate, especially because it usually occurs at mealtimes, those rare moments when the family is finally reunited at the table or when it comes to services aimed at companies. It is generally considered a waste of time and the receptionist ordered not to pass them on to any interior.

Email marketing effective business communication

But the advent and spread of e-mail have opened a road to more environmentally friendly and more effective business communication: an email is opened in handy when you have time and desire, and can be examined calmly, maybe “parked” and then resumed.

It is a more polite way to get into your home or business and, if the contents of the letter is well done, it is more effective because, through links that refer to details on the company website, it is more professional and gives further information with respect to a call made by a call center telephonist who may not even know what he is talking about.

Email marketing can, of course, be followed by a recall to have a feed back, which is just a pompous way to say that you make a phone call, a few days following the sending of the email, to see if the content has been of interest, if you want more information, it would be acceptable to receive a regular newsletter, and so on. This type of call, following an initial contact has already happened, it is easier to do for callers and easier to handle for those who receive it (the operator does not say “in a meeting”, but put on hold and ask for a response to concerned).


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