Emotion Serendipity Player To Interpret The Mood with Colors In Music

This is not an iPod shuffle, it is an audio player proposed by Kyuho Song, a player who does not like its analogs as his modus operandi is special.

Emotion Serendipity is capable to combine emotion, color and song. As its name suggests

It is called Emotion Serendipity, this drive is capable to combine emotion, color and song. As its name suggests, it is based on the emotional state of the person who uses it to broadcast a piece. And to know that can feel a person must go through a stage of identification of color. Indeed, equipped with a camera, just point it unconsciously to an object. Using colors to translate the mood the device then proceeds to playing the music as it deems appropriate. Thus, red translated love and black, sadness, music vary. Of course, Emotion Serendipity chooses at random. Finally, it is equipped with a USB input.

The device is vailable in four colours: pink, blue, black and white, this reader emotion remains a concept that may never see the light of day.


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