Emotional stage of early childhood development

If in the early childhood development, babies show their temper that differs from other children then it is very important for parents to know because it is easier for communication and understanding between them. It also needs to respect their individuality in each of their emotional stages.
Emotional stage of early childhood development
In the first months of life, the baby communicates through attitudes, gestures, sounds and cries and with increasing experience while knows the surrounding environment, as the people accompanying him, finds new ways to express their needs.

At first the crying is the main form of communication that has, so it is important to comfort and take care because this is the only way they can show their anger or what they need. Babies require a lot of affection that is so important to their development such as eating and sleeping.

In the first months of early childhood development children spend much time in sleeping and wake up only to eat or when they experience discomfort or desire to be served. While not yet differentiate day from night, it is important that parents put in place routine, a schedule for bathing, massage, walks, bedtime songs, silent night, playing in the day and learn to “know what is happening,” to guarantee them a sense of security.

At this time it also strengthens the bond between parents and children, the constant contact between them and mutual knowledge makes it grow the feeling of love, the baby is aware of this link and the presence of parents bring reassurance and security.


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