Empathy In Love Relationships: Advice For Relationship

Empathy in love relationships is the highest goal you can achieve. It means that one can feel what another one feels. Getting to one state of grace that is very difficult, but not impossible. Let’s see what it depends and how it develops this wonderful feeling.

Empathize with someone does not mean simply put yourself in his shoes. We are talking about something much deeper. According to the definition of the vocabulary empathy is “the ability to place oneself in the situation of another person or, more precisely, to immediately understand the mental processes of others.” It is exactly what you are talking about. Did you happen to feel so in connection with the person you loved to suffer emotionally with her and for her? Here, you have experienced empathy. Imagine that your partner suffers a loss, bereavement. Following this trauma he or she will suffer greatly, reaching even to cry. At that moment you try to comfort or console, you can talk about it, try to explain what you are feeling. All this happens at a rational level. If, however, when you see a loved one who suffers crying in the same way means that you are empathizing with her. In fact, your feeling does not match its in the sense that you are suffering from the same loss. Your feeling is because its been bad since he (or she) is sick. And his suffering makes you suffer.

Empathy In Love Relationships

Of course empathy assumes that you know perfectly your loved one. In fact, just knowing what hurts and what makes you sad to share with you these feelings. Of course empathy also has a positive value. This means that you are able to enjoy as well as suffer together. If you happen something very beautiful that makes joy your partner, you will rejoice with him because he can feel what he feels. Where does this wonderful form of sharing?

The latest research in neuroscience has identified the brain areas or better circuits, which contain so-called “mirror neurons“. The mirror neurons are not simply cells which (as the name suggests) fully reflect the cell activity of the person before you.

The discovery may seem sensational, but only if you place inside your discourse see how it all back In experiments carried out with the aid of electroencephalogram (EEG). We have seen that when a person is angry (or sad, or happy) in her brain activate specific areas which are formed by neurons. Well, the brain cells of those in front of these people, are activated in the same way. It is obviously, the more two people are close (emotionally) more activation is strong specular. According to quantum physics instead we are all connected to each other through the emanations (measured scientifically) of vibrations and frequencies. Even it has been identified the pineal gland as the responsible for the communication between human beings we understand how the discourse on empathy finds its justification and its own test in modern science feel what they feel your loved one is not only possible, but it is true, and it is the most beautiful of feelings.


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