Dental Care: 6 Worst Enemies Of Your White Teeth

Brushing your teeth every night and quitting smoking is very good idea to whitening the teeth. But beware of hidden enemies! Here are the tips for tracking the enemies of your teeth and keep your smile bright.

Whitening teeth

1. White teeth: beware of wine and sweets

Those who want to have white teeth and shining in their interest to make a cross on the wine. Both acidic and full of tannins, the wine is well known to stain teeth. You have probably noticed after drinking red wine. But beware, white wine, it is also bad for your teeth! A study at the University of New York found that white wine does not stain teeth but directly promotes the binding of color if you eat then other beverages. For example, if you drink after a glass of Chardonnay and a cup of coffee, your teeth will double stained by the dye coffee.

Some soft candies, lozenges, or even some chewing gum, more caries they can cause, have a tendency to stain teeth. To see if your favorite candies may affect the whiteness of your teeth, it is very simple. If your language is colored, there are chances that your teeth suffer the same fate. So if you distrust remained addicted to gum balls from your childhood!

2. White teeth: draw a cross on coca and sauces

Coca Cola, or beverages that are similar in highly acidic and rich in chromogens may therefore stain your teeth. In addition, the acidity of these drinks is such that it may also enhance the color of the enamel by other foods. To avoid this weakening of the enamel, rinse your mouth with water after drinking.

The sauces are to be avoided when trying to lose weight when following a diet. But you had no idea they were so formidable to the tooth enamel. Thus, tomato sauces tube, soy sauce or curry sauce can dull the whiteness of your teeth. The only solution to avoid from it is to brush your teeth immediately after eating!

3. Whitening teeth, not too red fruit or tea

The delicious berries like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, currants have a tendency to stain tooth enamel. Beware also of pastries, fruit compotes and juices made even red fruit. For your pies, so prefer neutral colored fruits such as plums.

Regular tea you usually drink at breakfast has a lot of tannins, more than coffee. It is therefore very important to rinse the mouth, or better to brush your teeth after drinking a cup of tea to prevent black spots do become embedded between the teeth. The worst teas, question remaining tasks obviously black tea. Therefore it is preferable to have green tea or white.


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