Engage: the keyboard that fits the shape of the wrist

Engage the keyboard that fits the shape of the wrist

It took two years of work before finally unveils SmartFish Engage, a keyboard not only ergonomic but also intelligent. With its design benign, this keyboard is manufactured with flexible and comfortable for total ease. Fort Ergomotion technology, this keyboard driven changes shape automatically according to the rate at which it hits. The goal is to minimize the movements of the user’s fingers and tension at the wrist. Plus it has a large pose-wrist for comfort. Divided into two parts, the keyboard can depart and even bend following four levels either forward or backward.

In the long term, the use of a keyboard may cause annoying disturbances in blood circulation or worse, carpal tunnel syndrome. That is the reason that prompted Pricipals SmartFish designing such products.

QWERTY model is already available to order on the SmartFish site.


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