Environmental factors that cause childhood allergies

In children under five years, presents many allergies as they are discovering the world and many of them are things that are foreign to your body. According to reports, 85% of asthma cases is presented within five years, 80% having atopic dermatitis occurs in the first two years and food allergies are during the first three years, then disappear.

Environmental factors that cause childhood allergies

It is essential not to expose the child to dust and not offering foods other than breast milk during the first six months of life. It is best to prevent the onset of allergy. It is recommended to keep it in a clean environment, with few objects and progressively start to offer food.

Another treatment that attacks the root of the problem are allergy shots that make children more tolerant of different elements of the environment that recognizes as foreign, they are applied when five years old, because even some allergies are forthcoming, currently available oral vaccine drops under the tongue.

Allergic diseases such as asthma afflicts the quality of life of the child, you can not lead a normal life and activities like going to school and doing exercise.

Others such as anaphylaxis, usually caused by the bite of wasps, bees, peanuts or shrimp, could cause the child’s death.

It is essential that parents caring for children depending on the type of allergy, whether it is food allergy, avoid the trigger substance consume and follow the treatment prescribed by your allergist.


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