8 essential social media tools for successful business communication

Social media are becoming increasingly important for corporate communications. The various social media portals offer a variety of ways the range of increase PR texts and reaching new customers and prospects. Whether with short messages on Twitter, social media news on Facebook and corporate presentations on Slideshare, provide social media produces a rapid and direct contact with fans and followers.

social media tools for successful business communication

It is important however, to maintain social media profiles and provide new content regularly. Helpful tools assist companies in their daily social media work. Some tools are designed to monitor and provide statistics and charts that simplify the planning of social media marketing campaigns. Other tools facilitate the management of different networks and allow the parallel updating profiles with new content.

8 most useful and most helpful tools for corporate communications in social media

1. Seesmic Desktop is a Facebook Desktop Client on the newly received messages, comments or other movements on the Facebook company page information. The new message or a new comment appears directly on the desktop. It is not necessary to have a browser open and logged on to Facebook to be. A direct connection between the desktop client and the corresponding Facebook page allows the transfer of information.

2. Facebook offers its own survey tool at that simplifies the creation of surveys on Facebook and can support discussions and dialogues. For a chosen question with a short introduction, any number of response options can be added. When the survey results in a bar graph are clearly visible.

social media tools

3. Social Baker is a tool the company for the monitoring of their Facebook pages can use. The tool provides statistics on the most active, most popular or the most popular Facebook pages and compares the data with your own company profile on Facebook.

4. Twtpoll is a survey tool for the micro-blogging service Twitter. Using this tool, companies can start different surveys. You can choose between various options, such as multiple choice, drop-down, matrix and other survey options are selected. In a pie chart the results after completion of the survey can be viewed.

5. Tweetbeep is a search tool for Twitter. Companies have the option of the Twitter network for tweets that contain specific keywords to search. To a specified e-mail address, then a notice is sent to the tweets. Interesting tweets and dialogues are thus more quickly recognizable companies, among other things, this encourages a dialogue with followers.

6. TweetLevel supports the monitoring and improvement of the Twitter profiles. Companies can use this tool to check the success of their Twitter profile. The tool provides such information on the development of the follower count or the impact that the company’s profile has to other twitterers. Useful tips to help improve the Twitter profile and discover untapped potential.

7. Netvibes is a tool that allows companies the social media monitoring individual can make. It offers the possibility of modules such as podcasts, social communities, e-mail, RSS feeds, bookmarks, news alerts and patient grips something on one page. Summary This individual facilitates monitoring and simplify the monitoring of online activities, news and search results. This allows companies to track the success of their social media campaigns.

8. Socialmention is a kind search engine for social media. Using this tool, companies have a list of all mentions (Mentions) of the specified search word in the Social Media. With the help of Socialmention allows the proliferation of social media check posts.

The various social media tools make working in the various social networks, micro blogs and sharing networks. Above all tools that are available across multiple social media portals, corporate communications effectively support. This saves time, and resources. Maintaining and monitoring the social media presence can be implemented faster and easier.


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