Exercise Tips: How To Train Your Triceps At Home

For training the triceps is recommended to take particular care because its harmony must be proportional to the size of the shoulders, as if your shoulders are not adequately large visual impact caused by this type of muscle would undermine the results of the training. It is also necessary to focus on how they are positioned hands, since their position determines the portion of the muscle to train.

Once you have acquired the necessary strength you can make some variations perhaps adding some weight on his legs

A first technique to train the triceps in home, very tired, but highly effective, is to use two benches of the same height, positioned at a distance equal to just over the height of its legs, so that between the two there is enough space to be able to switch entirely with the legs themselves.

Place your feet on the front bench and hands on the second behind it and then begin to flex your arms up and down from the bench on which it is supported by your hands in such a way as to drop all the weight on the triceps. This is a very strenuous exercise and if you do not pay attention to all as one moves on the benches there is a risk of seriously damaging your back. When you go down, you must ensure that your triceps being placed at 90 degrees for proper execution of the exercise. To tone the maximum you want to do 3 sets of 15 push ups. Once you have acquired the necessary strength you can make some variations perhaps adding some weight on his legs.

Another exercise is reliable, and much easier than the previous one, is to simulate the exercise of the dumbbell behind, putting on a bench and lifting his arm a 2-liter bottle of water, placed almost behind him, so put all the power in the center of gravity of muscle. It is important to pay attention to the risks involved in these exercises because they might cause damage to your health if performed incorrectly.

It is also advised to overdo the early sessions training, in order to avoid possible muscle problems dictated by fatigue.


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