Exercise to lose weight at home with a chair

You may not have a stationary bike, or a vibrating platform, but who does not have a chair at home for exercise? You may never have noticed it for exercising at home, just because the associate to the contrary, rest. However, it may become out of the blue, an excellent assistant. So much so, you can do exercise at home to lose weight on a simple chair and little else. Just you have available a few minutes a day and a little perseverance to keep the routine. Make exercise to lose weight at home with a chair is much easier than you think. Find a chair and try this now.

Need not have a gym at home, to get fit. Just a chair. How? Well, very easy. If you have a few minutes, you can begin now.
For starters, take a chair and place it where you have enough room to move. Next, practice this exercise routine to lose weight, in the comfort of your home and the only aid of a chair:

Squat simple with the help of a chair:

  • Sit in the chair with your back straight.
  • Stretch your arms perpendicular to your body as you get up.
  • Sit back down, without actually doing so.
  • Repeat 10 times.

In principle, the chair will be your reference point. Then you can remove it and continue the squat without it.
Exercise to lose weight at home with a chair
Strides with the support of a chair:

  • Supports the left hand on the back of the chair, while wearing the right at the waist, advancing his right leg slightly bent and extending the left back.
  • From this position by bending down the left leg and pulling it rises.
  • Repeat 10 times.

Then do it with the other leg. Then remove the seat to increase the difficulty and repeat the sequence, bringing both hands to waist.

Triceps easier with a chair

  • Back to the chair, put your hands on the edge of it, with your back straight and perpendicular to the ground.
  • Stretch and bend your elbows, at the same time raise and lower your body toward the floor.
  • Repeat 10 times.


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