Exercises that help treat anorgasmia

The anorgasmia is a sexual problem that has a solution through sex therapy, psychotherapy focused, brief and symptomatic resolution and through them it makes the woman gives herself to the sexual experience without guilt or fear to evolve the sexual system.
This therapy creates a relaxed and sensual situation, which allows naturally pass your sexual response. The proportion of women suffering about some kind of anorgasmia is 1 in 5.
Exercises that help treat anorgasmia
The success of these sex therapies is almost 100%, always with an appropriate specialist women climax without inhibitions, and thus enrich your love life.

During this sex therapy that lasts are made very simple exercises self-stimulation, which will enable women to better observe her body and learn to stimulate more regularly achieve orgasm.

Then show your partner how you needs to be stimulated, first begin by masturbation, followed by lovemaking positions that enable complement manual stimulation with intercourse.

You can complement this with relaxation techniques through the use of breathing (single), sensual massage (relaxation as a couple), techniques for improving communication, co-educational psi (it gives the couple sexual information explaining effective methods of stimulation), drive tasks without penetration, Kegel exercises, training to use erotic fantasy, etc..

The female self exercises are part of the treatments, like a warm bath, relaxing, concentrating on the pleasure of skin on contact with water, lying face up on the floor, eyes closed, go contracting and relaxing different parts the body, from small portions from feet to head, breathe slowly ten minutes, which then will feel more relaxed.

Lying in bed in the gynecological position, take a mirror and with your other hand to examine the vulva, separate labia, carefully observe the labia minora that end up in the hood of the clitoris, and between them lies the opening of the vagina and the urinary meatus and up the cap is observed the head of the clitoris, very tiny, round and very sensitive.


Kegel Exercise:

Recognize the pelvic floor muscles and how best to recognize them is to keep the flow of urine. Once recognized, and to strengthen them, do the following exercise: contracting, tighten and relax (in a series that will increase regularly), starting with series of forty.


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