An exquisite luxury dish

Achieving taste and enjoying a delicious gourmet meal is what many people would like, however, are not only real evidence for the palate but for your pocket. Plates are considered luxury, exclusive and innovative indeed. Among the best restaurants in the world of Las Vegas, Dubai, New York, struggling to demonstrate a truly enjoyable creation whose clients would be willing to consume and of course to pay.

exclusive list of expensive dishes

Within this exclusive list are from steaks to pizzas and even the now famous junk food. But the best chef in the world strive for filing a luxury dish to delight taste and to know you have the best dish in the world. Some of the recipes are fully certified, some not, but most likely is that they are truly extravagant meals and luxury.

In this curious list we find, for example, Strawberries Arnaud, this is a dish exotic and luxury that only a billionaire pay, costs just 3.95 million dollars, is a prescription only because at the bottom of this strawberry dessert there is a 7.09 carat diamond in pink, while strawberries take a marinade of port, vanilla ice cream, red wine.

Another interesting dish is the DougieDog, a rich hot dog in Canada and is considered the most expensive in the world, its price of $ 100, is prepared by a sausage dipped in cognac aged 12 century, and Kobe beef, one of the finest in the world, topped with fresh lobster, hot sauce and a spicy secret. Its combination of calorie filled ingredients and appropriate energy for a country where a lot of snow. So this dish beats the previous carrier marks the Haute Dog, the New York restaurant Serendipity, which cost $ 69.

The other dish is the Frozen Haute Chocolate is a rich dessert garnished with 5 grams of edible 23 carat gold in 28 different classes combined cocoa.


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