Extension eyelashes tinted and permanent step by step guide

The extension, eyelashes tinted and permanent is an ideal technique to darken, and add length to bend the tabs straight, short and sparsely populated. With this treatment of beauty can get a look awesome, feminine and seductive for about a month.

For this you have two options, one is to hire a makeup artist to do all the work or take care of it yourself if you dare because it is not difficult. If you decide to make the extension permanent dyeing and you alone will save a good sum of money and you will have material for various applications.
Extension eyelashes tinted and permanent step

Extension eyelashes tinted and permanent step by step:

  • After thoroughly clean your lashes with disks and set them up removing clean water rinse to remove all traces of product with brush péinalas clean tabs.
  • Apply some glue kit for permanent eyelash helping with a swab or orange stick on the line of birth hair upper eyelid. Choose the appropriate size curler and place it on the adhesive, with the help of the swab is sticking to the curler eyelashes so that they are subject and curved.
  • Remove any excess glue and then apply for permanent fluid which you will leave on for 15 to 20 minutes depending on thickness of eyelashes. After this period applies neutralizing and removed after 15 minutes.
  • Clean the lashes with a wet swab and spread some vitamins for eyelashes, leaving for 5 minutes. Rinse well.
  • With very dry lashes and eye area protected with tissue paper, spread the liquid over the hair dye chosen by a swab. You have to leave about 10 to 15 minutes can also dye the eyebrows being careful not to stain the skin.
  • Rinse and ready, really like your lashes are more dense, dark and delicate curves. Try not to use mascara for a couple of days after the permanent make as they are very sensitive.

Eyelash ExtensA week after I made you bending and dyeing can proceed to the eyelash extension. It is important to pass this time because the tabs need a recovery time.

  • Protects the lower lashes with a piece of tissue paper covered with tape. Choose the appropriate tab size, this has to be slightly longer and the size of your lashes for the result to be as natural as possible.
  • Put some glue in the container and makes the lashes with the tweezers to embed your base with it and apply on the eyelid.
  • It is important to insert the base of the curve not glue the tabs in half and then place it on the side or top of your tab. Try hitting the tab on the natural hair and not skin because in this way will last much longer.
  • You can use the dryer with cold air and smooth the glue to completely dry before opening eyes.

Secrets tips to remove eyelashes makeup

You must insert the tabs of different lengths to achieve a natural result, always in the middle outwards.

To last longer eyelashes placed with the aid of a swab apply the glue on the lashes uniónde extensions for welding, but I care not to overdo it.


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