Eye training exercises for pleasant eyes

Look through for hours on the monitor, your eyes are exposed to high loads and stress. Thus they are often overworked and tired and need rest badly. Since the viewing distance remains constant throughout the day, the muscles are loaded permanently. The eyes have to adapt constantly to different magnitudes and are irritated by glare in dim lighting. In addition, the eyes are at work on the computer screen barely moves and it is slightly above average blinked. This leads to the dryness of the eye and at worst lead to inflammation. To prevent this, there are some training exercises for eyes, tired eyes bring relaxation.

Eye training exercises for pleasant eyes

A few simple exercises can help your eyes to stay fit

So that your eyes are not the whole day staring at the monitor, there are a few exercises to eye training that anyone can use easily and quickly. Sit straight on to your chair, drop your shoulders relaxed downward.

Now drag both eyes’ five major circles clockwise and then five in the other direction. Breathe deep into the belly. In the next exercise, rub your hands together until they are warm. Brace your elbows on the desk now, close your eyes and put the warm hands over my eyes.

Leave the facial muscles loose and relaxed and breathe deeply. Next, sit back on the chair and close your eyes. Now take on both sides of the skin below your eyebrows between thumb and forefinger and gently massage the inside out. Repeat the whole procedure twice.

Palming training exercises for eyes

Before palming you rub your palms together again until they are warm, then place the slightly curved hands over the eyes. Do not apply pressure to your eyeballs out and let your eyes closed quite easily. Relax in this posture as long as you want.


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