F8, the Facebook developer conference

Facebook developer conference will take place on September 22 in the city of San Francisco (California) and the tickets are on sale. This is an event in which the company presents its intentions regarding the new features of your preferred social network and in which different developers share experiences.

F8, the Facebook developer conference

In April 2010 it held the last conference and Mark Zuckenberg said the now famous “Like” Button, which has led many Internet users request of the creation of its antagonist “I do not like”.

Another important announcement at the conference took place last year 2010 was the tool Opra Graph, which allows you to collect information on websites that the user will visit and post it on your “wall” or inclusion in other web applications with Facebook.

This year it seems that the shots go by “Facebook credits“. A kind of currency you may purchase items within the social network. In this sense the application appeared recently Miramax Experience, through which you can rent movies from this producer at a price of 30 credits, or whatever it is, $ 3.


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