Facebook App for Windows Messenger released

Facebook has its Windows Messenger application available officially for download. So the social network reacted to the fact that already leaked. The program has the version number 2.0.4373.0 and is dated 22 December 2011. A version of this is npFbDesktopPlugin.dll belonging to the application DLL specified by 1.0.9.


The test of the native Windows 7 program began last month with a small user base. The desktop client provides access to Facebook three functions: on the chat, the new news feed ticker, and notifications. The program is available to that for Android, Blackberry and iPhone.

Facebook has indicated additional features for the upcoming Windows client: chat with several friends, video calls, chat-restrictive settings, and modify the settings.


The application only works on Windows 7. The user must log in to Facebook. Later, he can close the site and the client automatically maintains the connection. If you want to log out completely, you must exit the program.


Facebook believes that many users wanted the real-time capabilities, without ever to Facebook open in the browser have. It emphasizes that it is a handle in-house development – and not about a new partnership with Microsoft, which ranks among the largest Facebook investors. In the file ThirdPartyCopyrightNotices.txt, in the \ Users \ [Account Admin] puts \ AppData \ Local \ Facebook \ Messenger \ 2.0.4373.0, references to Apache, Google, and Mozilla can be found.


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