Facebook incorporates video calls with Skype

Finally the video on Facebook is a reality. Thanks to the Alliance that Facebook made with Skype, and that you are using the technology of the company.

The service is running on Windows and OS X, while that Linux is not yet available.

Facebook incorporates video calls with Skype

This new service can be activated by accessing to this special welcome page (http://facebook.com/videocalling) that goes down a small javascript file, running that will activates the new functionality.

Once installed, Facebook will allow you to call your contacts. To call, you must click on one of the camera icons displayed or in the chat window, or in the user profile that we are going to call. No doubt the operation is very simple.

When someone calls you, it sounds an alert tone. You can accept or reject the call from the pop-up that opens with this. The video screen opens above the browser and stays on top of anything that you’re running.

Something innovative this new service of Facebook is that if the call is dropped or the contact is offline, saved video messages can be stored.


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