Facebook just to the theory of Six degrees

Surely more than once you’ve been surprised to see two people you know from completely different fields are friends on Facebook. This was marked by the theory of six degrees, indicating that any person was related to another for a maximum of six intermediaries. But a recent study by the University of Milan in collaboration with Facebook has demonstrated through social networks that this separation is usually not by six degrees, but for a 4.7.

Facebook just to the theory of 6 degrees

Obviously not everyone is on Facebook, but its 700 million users represent 10% of the world’s population, a figure much higher than that used in most statistical studies. Therefore, although many have criticized the industry refers to a very specific population, which has access to social networks, the fact is that information can be more true than it seems.
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The 6 degrees theory was first formulated in 1029. But then there was, of course, no social networks, nor other measurement tools, so there was no way to prove it. But thanks to Facebook and their “mutual friends” certainly more than once we would have raised. And now this study at the University of Milan has shown that this theory is not only true, but the separation is even smaller.


Between Facebook and our “real” life study estimated that each person has about 100 friends and contacts. And it is therefore quite easy for one of our contacts matches one of those of any other person, and even more if you can have up to five intermediaries.


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