Facebook launches action against spammers

Facebook announced that it has launched actions against a network specializing in sending spam.

Facebook launches action against spammers

Facebook multiplies actions against organized groups of spammers and this time the giant community, supported by the state of Washington, blames society Adscend Media, LLC, an advertising network to deceptive practices. Specifically, Facebook accused the two leaders to make the

clickjacking, a method to trick the user into doing click on a page element barely visible. Adscend Media, LLC invite the viewer to watch a video, but before that, to complete a form in which a button is disguised Like. The click and allowed to publish the website in question to all of its contacts. The court believes that this technique allowed both fraud to win up to $ 1.2 million per month.

In October 2009 Facebook had obtained $ 711 million in damages in a trial that pitted the Sanford ‘Spamford’ Wallace. He had sent some 27 million spam messages to users of the community network. Facebook had secured the conviction of a spammer who illegally collected 116,000 Facebook account IDs in January. He used it to send 7.2 million spams.


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