Facebook officially released Messenger for Windows

The iPhone or Android smartphone owners are familiar with Facebook Messenger, the official application of social networks by definition designed to interact with our friends via email messages, both synchronous and asynchronous. Now Facebook, passed the test phase, has made the application available for Windows systems.

Facebook officially released Messenger for Windows

At the end of December, leaked version of Facebook for Windows Messenger. Even then, the application seemed to work very well. Now is the time that the official release, do not seem to have changed absolutely nothing, at least from the external point of view.

Facebook Messenger differs from other messaging software that support Facebook, such as Pidgin. Indeed, while the latter are uniquely based on the exchange of messages, the official application has some little more functionality that will allow you to interact better.

Facebook Messenger computer includes in fact the News Ticker, which is the section typically present in the upper right in the pages of social networks, just above the chat, which are shown in real time the latest news. In addition to list of contacts, it present a new window where are grouped all the conversations taking place.

So, essentially Facebook Messenger is a must-have for students. However, can be a comfort to all those who use Facebook a lot, in the Windows taskbar. Currently, it may not compare an official message when you log on to the new Facebook application, but in the coming weeks, the release will affect all users.


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