Facebook prepares to dive from search engine content

The social network may be working on a search engine for easier access to its content. Currently, the search Facebook can be used to find people or groups, but not for more concrete as a photo or comment. In principle, the intention of Facebook would scratch a piece of the pie of Google, enabling users to find content more easily.

Facebook prepares to dive from search engine content

We do not know anything about which format or which would be its characteristics, since from the company have refused to make any statement. That if it appears that the intention would be to make something like a search bar that would locate specific photos or entries plank across the Facebook network or between the contacts of each user.

A tool like this would be very useful to the users of this network, especially for those who have been dislocated with s recent changes to the interface. Facebook has come under its new format biography, almost all due to the difficulty of management and privacy issues.

The interest of Facebook in this tool would not only make life easier for the user, but rather in search of a huge advertising market related to the searches of its members. And this market is worth about 15,000 million dollars, too much money to pass up.

Alarms jumped a few months ago, when a photo of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of this network, uploaded a photo to their profile of Facebook in which it detected something strange. In a blur of a laptop, it could open a profile view of the network in which the search bar appear unusually large. But the rumor seems to be confirmed by the report by Bloomberg Businessweek.

Facebook is facing one of the most important moments in its history, its IPO. The beginning of his contribution is expected in financial markets as one of the most important releases of recent years, up to Google.


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