Check the privacy of your Facebook account with stalkscan

The changes in the privacy policy of Facebook accounts has been a constant in recent years. Users no longer know what to stick to when setting up their accounts. The stalkscan web application allows you to check which data is publicly visible. This will give you a much more real idea of how effective the configuration is.

There are many users who have dimensioned who can access their videos, images or messages published. However, with the passage of the years and the revisions of the privacy policy the track is lost to the state of this information.

The recommendation from the beginning is to make the information private, or only accessible by trusted people

The operation is very simple. The user must only enter his profile or other account address and press the Enter button on his keyboard. In a matter of a couple of seconds you will have access to all the public information of the consulted account. It appears organized in groups, to allow the user to get a much more faithful and orderly idea of information that is publicly accessible.

The recommendation from the beginning is to make the information private, or only accessible by trusted people. But we have already indicated that the continuous changes in this and other services bring the users head on.

The information appears organized in:
I like it

All previous listing is evaluated and offered as long as possible. In the previous image you can see the correctly sorted categories. Clicking on each of the icons will open the profile of the user consulted on the Facebook social network, leaving the publicly accessible content discovered.

It must be taken into account that this service does not serve to hack accounts, and that only allows to know the content that accessible after the numerous changes that have occurred in the privacy policy. Even caused by poor account settings.

Stalkscan can be very useful

In the end this service can open the eyes to many users. The vast majority do not value paying attention for at least one minute to the privacy settings of your account in social networks. This web application can be the way to open your eyes and improve the security and privacy of your account.

If you want to change these aspects of your account do not forget that you can do them from the following address:


Social networks are a trap for privacy

Many security experts believe it and the more time passes the greater the existing justifications. Privacy policies change frequently and we must be aware of these changes. Without going any further, when Facebook wanted to use the data of users to feed their advertising service, there were many who chose to unsubscribe the social network account. But it is already known that the data stored in these services are no longer the user, and that you have to be aware when you register on any Internet service.


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