Facebook Purchases Push Pop Press

Very recently electronic publisher Push Pop Press was acquired by Facebook. This startup is dedicated to helping its customers move their traditional physical book format to an electronic format that allows them to be accessible from devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Facebook Purchases Push Pop Press

The company has devised a new way of publishing, which allows the inclusion not only of text and images but also multimedia elements such as video, audio and interactive graphics, which offers endless possibilities.

What it offers Push Pop Press is therefore a complete renovation of our concept of electronic books, as both methods of publishing their multimedia capabilities have been unheard of until now.

The fact of moving from physical books to e-books for this company is not just a technological leap, but a significant improvement to the environment by not having to use kilos and kilos of paper.

It is not known how Facebook will pay to be done with this startup, but what it has confirmed the company is not currently intend to jump into the market for electronic books, away priori social networks.

In fact, the leaders of Push Pop Press have specified in a statement that all they want on Facebook is integrating these tools with the social network, and at no time launching a new service.

Probably the intention of Facebook is to allow the reading of electronic books via our profile in the same way that has made music with the recent agreement with Spotify.

And the music, television, film and books are some of the things we usually like to share with our friends.


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