Facial exercises to remove wrinkles naturally

There are muscles in the face so they need to stay toned to retain the shape and avoid falling prey to gravity. To prevent the appearance of wrinkles as well as to eliminate those that are in place, there are facial exercises.

Gymnastics helps tone facial muscles of the face and neck to improve tone and overall appearance of the whole face soon. To achieve the expected results one have to be consistent and do these exercises properly, every day.

Facial exercises to remove wrinkles naturally

It is important that facial exercises supplements with a facial and use of creams and masks suitable for your type of skin .

Anti-Aging Facial Exercises

For the front: put three fingers on your forehead and tighten the muscles to the line of hair so that your fingers up and down.

Raise your eyebrows as you can and then do the opposite movement frown, repeat these steps about 5 times.

Close your eyes and wrinkled brows pinching the nose hard, keep the gesture for 10 seconds. Finally holding the edges of the eyes and tightens the skin back, while you can raise the most eyebrows.

Brow and swollen eyelids, breathing in and out keeping your head held high and when you empty the lungs raises his eyebrows to the maximum count of 5, keep your posture and loosen.

Exercises for swollen eyelids are based on support both index fingers on them, inhale and exhale, while trying to close your eyes and holding opposing pressure to the skin.

Cheekbones and cheeks, placed both hands on the cheeks at the site where you feel pressure when you squeeze the jaws, while you inhale and exhale has lips as far forward as possible and hand pushes back.

Lip area: Place your thumbs on the upper lip and breathe deeply while pressing your fingers against the gums at the same time try to push the lip forward.

Exaggerate a smile and keeps up the act for 10 seconds, repeat 5 times.

Face and neck: shut your mouth, place your thumbs under the chin and rested his chin in the space between the forefinger and thumb. Inhale and exhale as you pull up hard with your thumbs and try to open your mouth. The movement of pressure as you do when you exhale, inhale, relax and opening his mouth full.

Gill: Gill to combat cross your arms over your chest while stretching your neck forward and you feel like it tightens the skin, turning the head to one side, hold the pose without lowering the chin and then turn around to the opposite side repeating steps above.

Neck: Place the head in an upright position, inhale and exhale while you stretch your neck up, tilt your head to one side and turn it back. Repeat with the other side.


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