Family-friendly workplace: flexible working hours

For the employer there are many ways to facilitate the parents’ balancing act between career and family, such as flexible working hours.

Many of today’s companies compete for skilled professionals despite high unemployment. It really is a lot of potential there, but it is not used. For example, women return after maternity leave did not return to professional life, because it gives them due to lack of conditions is impossible to combine work and family. A family-friendly workplace is therefore crucial not only for individuals but also for the entire company to compete in the international competition for skilled workers.

Family-friendly workplace flexible working hours

Communication and Information

Parents who are temporarily on maternity leave can be facilitated entry into professional life by holding them over in-house operations to date. Setting up an e-mail for business e-mail distribution helps to continue to deal with the affairs of the company and thus continue to speak out and say. Also the possibility of so-called bulletin board, which will also be made online can help to inform workers about news from the operation.

Flexible working hours and flexible work places

Around 80 percent of younger workers want a more flexible working hours. By working on the weekend, the flexible arrangement of working hours per week, or by part-time or flextime, it will enable parents to combine work and family life. Also, the time variable assign work orders can be very helpful parents, for example in case of illness of the child. Also of advantage are flexible work places. Of course, homework is just to implement industry-dependent.


Many companies offer in terms of a family-friendly workplace, many services for their employees. This also means that they often provide care for children. Also be partially offered in-house day care, but this usually only large companies. Smaller or medium-sized enterprises on the other hand, often take only the allocation of childcare facilities.

So, dont waste your time while you are in a leave, search for such a flextime or part time home work and earn from home.


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