Famous celebrities and their fashionable looks

Celebrities always look so beautiful and fashionable, many of them because they really know how to get ready, while others have the advice of leading image consultants.

No matter what the case, in this post we show some of the most beautiful looks that were recently strolling the red carpet for the premiere of Total Recall, The Bourne Legacy and Celeste & Jesse and other important events. Encourage to imitate the style of Kate Beckinsale, Ashley Greene, Jessica Biel, Odette Annable and Rachel Weis.

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Famous celebrities and their fashionable looks

Ashley Greene looked really beautiful and glamorous. The chosen look really suited her very well, with wavy hair and tilted to one side with a soft makeup that highlighted the beauty of her face. Rose gold accessories in much the image and made it look elegant.

jessica-Famous celebrities and their fashionable looks

Jessica Biel with bangs looks much younger, in fact this style refreshes your image. The remaining hair he wore it with a soft wave hair, makeup very light touch of sensuality and was granted by the pink lipstick.

kate Famous celebrities and their fashionable looks

Kate Beckinsale attended the premiere of Total Recall with a really impressive look and suitable to the occasion. The daring of its image is focused on the dress, so chose the beautiful actress looking much more relaxed in her hair and face hair up opting for an unstructured, soft makeup and eyes focused on a layer of lip gloss.

rachel-Famous celebrities and their fashionable looks

Rachel Weisz was stunning at the premiere of Bourne Legacy, the actress chose a sober dress in black to enhance the image and matched with the classic red lipstick, some blush and eye makeup soft up style combined with a rather classical.

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odette-Famous celebrities and their fashionable looks

Odette Annable flashed at the premiere of Celeste and Jesse; hair preferred to remain true to form and carry the long hair with delicate waves. The makeup was very soft, almost nude, rouge cheeks delicately highlighted with bronze and glossy lips.


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