Tips for maintaining the life of cosmetics products

Tips for maintaining the life of cosmetics products

All makeup products offered by big brands are known for their strength, durability and fastness over a long period of time. However, there are eternal, all expire at some time or lose its original properties when exposed to extreme conditions.… Continue Reading


Handkerchiefs, discover the different ways you use the headscarves

Handkerchiefs different ways to use headscarves

The scarves are one of the few accessories that are highly versatile, sexy and modern regardless of their motives, colors and patterns they can use the handkerchief from his grandmother and be gorgeous with the best style hippie chic or… Continue Reading

Perfume capsules, the new proposal in perfumery

Developments in this world are homeless, has now launched an amazing proposal in perfumery. Pillbox Japanese brand has created a new form of fragrance with its original line of perfumes Kaoru, which do not respond to the typical way of… Continue Reading