Sophisticated hair style with boho braids

This season Spring Summer 2011-2012 is characterized in terms of trend hairstyles for imposing looks bohemian and romantic where the braids are inevitable detail. Thus, we started seeing on the runways and then to the celebrities on the red carpet,… Continue Reading

No more hair loss: All about Hair Replacement

With advances in technology today it is difficult for people to live in isolation from the inevitable, especially when it comes to a bald head or hair loss. Various measures have been taken to mitigate the problem and people are… Continue Reading

Caring and avoid breaking the hair dyeing or bleaching

Enhance the beauty of hair and face, cover or take bolder look gray, are the most common reasons for people to dye the hair. Until a few years ago this procedure was considered somewhat risky, because the components of the… Continue Reading

How to prevent and combat frizz on humid days

Always carry an anti-frizz product

Moisture is the enemy number one of hair and any style you want to keep frizz splendid and also seems apropos when we want to look more beautiful; hair become worse because of the weather. Fortunately you can combat frizz… Continue Reading

Dry, brittle hair: moisturize and strengthen it with almond oil and rosehip

Creams for cold weather jackets

It is very common for the long hair, dye or the hangover of summer and the pool becomes dry and brittle due to lack of hydration and nutrition. In general, both problems are compounded by our hair and ends in… Continue Reading

How to make your hair up with chopsticks

The chopsticks are very practical for a wide variety of hairstyles sexy and exotic, through them you can hold your hair and get an up oriental air. Chopsticks allow you make one or more runners, or straps with elegant or… Continue Reading

Regrowth of hair for hair loss and hair weakened

Gymnastics Hair is based on the implementation of various natural and physical therapy techniques implemented jointly to recover the weakened hair with tendency to fall. This technique is called capillary gymnastics because it acts on the same principles that gymnastics… Continue Reading

Hair styles to look younger

The hair is very important to everyone, especially the female as it make you look more beautiful if you can choose the hair style, cut and color until you look many years younger. While long hair have a youthful marking… Continue Reading

How to remove hair on the chest and back in men

The man’s hair is different from women, this is much more thick, tough and strong, so you need specific treatment to eradicate it without problems. In the case of the chest and back waxing for men, there are many effective… Continue Reading