Fat cream – especially in winter demand

Fat cream makes it brittle and cracked skin supple again, moisturizes, can protect against frostbite and is available at any pharmacy for less money.

Eczema, atopic dermatitis or psoriasis is often recommended a fatty cream. But also helps to dry skin-fat cream. Especially in winter, it is therefore in great demand, because the cold air outside and the dry heated air in offices, shops and living rooms, the highly stressed and dry skin.

Fat cream - especially in winter demand

Find the correct fat cream

Like any fat cream there is also the variety of cream manufacturers. When choosing the right cream but it does not depend on the manufacturing company, but to the constituents. You should make sure that the cream contains unsaturated fatty acids, or urea, preferably both. The urea dissolves the compounds of the corneal cells and in higher concentrations can even destroy the entire stratum corneum. In addition, binds the urea, the cream often named as Urinea, water in the tissues of the horny layer. All this means that the more moisture and gets softer. Also shed keratinized skin faster, so the skin can renew itself through this cream so quickly back into its normal rhythm. Such creams you can get without a prescription at any pharmacy, but an increasing number of drug stores they have in the range.

The correct application of the cream fat

Fat cream helps not only in skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis even in winter it does a good job to protect the skin and an adequate supply of moisture. The cold temperatures in winter put the skin dry until it is brittle and cracked. Often this is then connected with redness and itching. The cream regulates the moisture content of the skin and thus makes them soft and supple again. In general, it is sufficient to apply the cream twice a day on the respective skin areas.

For an application to the face you should make sure that the cream does not come into contact with eyes or mucous membranes of the nose. For these areas there are special creams. But fat cream can protect not only moisturize dry skin, but also against frostbite. Especially the skin of babies and small children is very sensitive in terms of coldness. Therefore, babies and toddlers are creamed before each walk in the winter with such a cream. Adults should protect their skin with the cream from the cold.


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