The new features of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been announced, it’s time to look a little more closely what it offers and see if it’s worth breaking the bank when you already have a Galaxy Note 2.

From a technical point of view and an appearance point of view, it is worth mentioning again how the new device stands out from its illustrious predecessor (if you have not already done so, please read our article on the official delivery of the Galaxy Note 3). The improvements are there, but what is especially interesting is a consumer to know what this will bring more software and ergonomics point of view.

Air Command with Action Memos, Window Pen, S Finder Scrapbook

One of the real news is the Air Command. This is a menu that will appear whenever you leave the stylus alcove (I remind you that this function is also available on the Galaxy Note 2 for example). You can also make it appear by pressing the button on the S-Pen when you go over the screen Galaxy Note 3. The tests revealed that the latter method seemed odd at first, but we are not doing very well in the long run.

You can also make it appear by pressing the button on the S-Pen when you go over the screen Galaxy Note 3

This Air Command menu allows you to access a number of tools more or less interesting: Action Memos, Window Pen, S Finder and Scrapbook. One of the most interesting is Action Memos that allows you to use commands just by scribbling on your screen. For example, if you write a phone number, you will be able to call directly. If you enter an address, you can directly launch the Google Maps search without having to open the application yourself and manually check the address. These functions are also available on the Note 2.

S Finder is particularly interesting in that it offers recognition system highly efficient handwriting. This will allow you to browse your hand written notes, not just the titles or keywords.

The other big news is the number of applications that support multi-window feature, you can, for example, open at the same time an application like Google Maps and a browser, combined with the ability to open two applications side by side . This is made even more interesting capabilities coupled with the S-Pen Tool Pen Window . This allows you to draw a box on the screen where you can “store” application, which “float” while over others.

The number of compatible applications is currently limited, but you can still, for example, have launched a Youtube window in a corner of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 while vaquerez your business. This window can be minimized by a circular icon simply by pressing an option, or maximized so that it takes the whole screen, that’s what I call true multitasking. True multitasking is also available on the Galaxy Note 2.

Finally, the management of the S-Pen is really what will motivate reluctant to decide. In addition to everything that was mentioned above, you should know that its use is very nice and natural limit. Unlike previous versions, the stylus can be stored in the phone in any direction, which removes the mini galley “find common sense” every time we had finished using them. Samsung seems to want to play up this accessory, and for the moment it is a success.

Finally, the Galaxy Note 3 is not a revolution, but a succession of small ergonomic advantages, technical, aesthetic and software that make it more enjoyable and easy to use. What to say it is a solid investment for those who are hesitant to take the plunge. We’ll go into more detail on other aspects of a further test.


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