Fight pests on apple tree: effective methods

Thus the harvest is not compromised, you have to fight the numerous pests on apple tree – it is important to note that every type of pest can be controlled by different medicines.

It is important to control pests on apple tree, otherwise this can damage the entire crop. In addition, the pests may spread to other plants if they are not opposed. The pests must not always be eliminated immediately, we should tolerate a certain number means. The pests are the staple food for other animals, for example, for ladybugs. Measures to address are required, when the crop is at risk of attack and gets the upper hand.

Fight pests on apple tree effective methods

The pests early detection

Especially in spring and summer you have to search his apple tree thoroughly and check to see if the leaves look healthy and have discoloration. Also important is whether the fruits and flowers are well developed. In order to control pests on apple tree, you have to search along the branches, above a pair of binoculars can help.

Especially if neighboring trees have pests, you should thoroughly check their own tree. If you want to then have to fight pests in the apple tree, you should also fight the same pests in the environment after the tree can usually infect again.

Powdery mildew, aphids and worms fight the apple tree

As the name implies, powdery mildew looks like mealy dew. Who wants to fight this can mix ten parts water and one part milk and splash on an affected site. Mildew should be tackled in time, because it can be very stubborn and sometimes takes several treatments.

Who wants to fight the pests on apple tree, fighting aphids with a mixture of ten parts water and one part dishwashing detergent.

Through the cocoon around it worms are found, they often settle at the end of branches. An infected branch is simply cut off and given a plastic bag in the rubbish. Then you should seal the interface with beeswax.

Precautionary measures against pests of apple trees

Often an infestation of pests is a weakened immune system due to an apple tree. Before one combat pests on apple tree needs a pension is much better.

In spring you can fertilize the apple tree abundance, this is intrinsically a thick layer of mulch or compost. It is also good if you settles ladybugs in the garden.

The codling moth and other pests

It is probably the most well-known pest, it is attacked by a butterfly whose larvae of the fruit. The apples have round holes and then inside there is the larva.

If you fight here on the apple tree pests, so one must use an appropriate insecticide. Other pests are apple blossom weevil, caterpillars and fruit leafminer.


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