Finished glasses: A substitute for individual preparation?

A finished eyeglass best to use only in emergencies, because otherwise at risk of further eye damage and deterioration of vision.

You often see them in supermarkets and department stores: reading glasses, which in certain strengths as a finished glasses are made available. Happy to be of people who already need reading help, resorted to such spectacles. But it makes sense only in the rarest cases, to acquire such a pair of reading glasses.

Finished glasses A substitute for individual preparation

A pair of glasses should be individually adapted and made

If you just try on some glasses and can be done better with this than without glasses, of course, will be thrilled. Such a spectacle is, however, in very few cases have exactly the glasses at the right correction values. Usually, the eyes need different correction values for the lenses. These values can be only by an optometrist or ophthalmologist correctly identified, but by trying out finished glasses do not succeed.

Likewise, various parameters are calculated for the glasses and considered in the preparation. Thus, the glasses are customized for each individual and will then be matched optimally to the wearer. In contrast, pre-filled glasses through the eye in the worst case, wrong lens strengths are damaged even more and allows for even greater visual performance. Headaches can be caused by incorrect glasses. Only with a well-matched glasses can be avoided. Therefore, glasses are always made and should be made by a specialist.

Finished glasses as a stopgap

Of course, a finished glasses are also used once. However, it should really be used only in emergencies. A finished glasses from the supermarket as a reserve is certainly useful. If the once well-adapted spectacles is broken, can continue this or other important document to be read with such a reserve glasses during the repair period. Even when traveling such a reserve glasses makes sense. If far and wide to find an optician, so can still be read.

Since the eyes with goggles but these produce no good being done, such a spectacle should really only be used as a last resort. Otherwise, one should always used expertly crafted glasses, which was made exactly to the values of a wearer’s eyes. Only then we can be sure when wearing glasses, the glasses that best supports the eyes and not wearing damaged.


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