Firefox vs Chrome: the struggle of the browsers

Despite many detractors, Internet Explorer is still undoubtedly the most widely used browser worldwide. Therefore, the struggle to gain second place of market share is more focused, which is currently being played between Firefox and Google Chrome. Until very recently, it was the Mozilla browser that came closest to the Microsoft, but it seems that things are slowly changing. The difference between Firefox and Chrome is declining, at least in regard to the number of users. Both Mozilla firefox and Google chrome are free softwares.


Firefox vs Chrome: the struggle of the browsers

According to different analysts, if both browsers continue with the same growth they have had so far, Google Chrome would be about to catch up Firefox as the second most used browser behind Internet Explorer. Firefox had hitherto been the favorite of the critics of Microsoft and open source enthusiasts, but it seems that users have no problem joining another large corporation such as Google. And that growth is building Chrome users more disillusioned with Firefox than Internet Explorer abjure.


Of course, what happened can not be attributed to lack of effort on the part of Firefox. Since launching a few months ago Firefox 4, we have seen constant updates of the system, but increasingly users prefer to switch to Chrome because it offers a higher speed (you can test both browser by downloading for free). After all, the Internet does not have corporatism, but the effectiveness, so that users have no problems in changing if another browser works best.

However, early signs are that Chrome will be the second browser worldwide.


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