The first NVIDIA Volta chip already appears in the hardware databases

When we are still waiting to see if NVIDIA will present the GTX 1080 Ti soon or not, the first evidence of the existence of the next generation, NVIDIA Volta, have begun to reach the network of networks. In this case it has been through FinalWire and its Twitter account for Aida64 software , where they have stated that the first sign of NVIDIA Volta GPUs has appeared on the horizon.

NVIDIA Corporation to Launch Volta Architecture Gaming

It’s no secret that the next generation of NVIDIA graphics cards will be called Volta, and neither is it a secret that, of course, the manufacturer has been working on it for a long time (a new generation of GPUs takes many months to develop, it’s not done from the overnight to the morning and it is common that it works in several generations simultaneously). What is a novelty is that what is supposed to be the flagship chip for Volta has apparently appeared in a hardware database and has been made public.

There you can see it. According to FinalWire (own translation): “The first sign of the new NVIDIA flagship GPU, codenamed Volta, has appeared on the horizon and its PCI device ID is 1D81 = Graphic Device [GV100].”

Indeed, the GV100 chip will be in theory and if NVIDIA maintains the usual nomenclature the company’s next flagship, and already appears in hardware databases means that perhaps, and only perhaps, it is closer than we thought. Volta will be the next generation of NVIDIA graphics and although we did not expect an official announcement until the end of the year this hint has made market analysts optimistic, because they already think that it could arrive – at least the announcement – sometime in the second or third quarter of this year.

In theory Volta was to be manufactured with the new process at 10 nanometers, but according to a large number of rumors it seems that it will finally be maintained with the FinFET process at 16 nm current. It will count that with HBM2 graphics memory, something that is more than confirmed (as you know the HBM2 memory has been in the mass production phase for some time, and in fact AMD will premiere it with the next generation Vega), but beyond that Nothing is known at all.

As you know, NVIDIA is going to make an important announcement on February 28th, and everyone expects it to be the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti that would be most logical, but maybe it will surprise everyone by announcing the next generation, NVIDIA Volta. What do you think?


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