First wrinkles: Natural home treatments to mitigate

The first wrinkles of the face are what make our most common gestures, those that make the skin fold louder. Wrinkles around the eyes realize all that we laughed in recent years, though initially only subtle lines hardly noticeable, after the 35 start to be part of us. To reduce them we have a huge range in cosmetics, however, natural home treatments are a good choice to prevent and correct those first wrinkles.

Antiaging Recipes and Natural Products

The advantage of anti-wrinkle remedies is that, unlike some creams anti-aging, do not produce habituation, so they can begin to be used early without risk to the skin.

Herbal tea: a powerful cocktail for the skin tone and soften deep wrinkles is one that combines chamomile, borage, calendula and gotu kola. The recipe is extremely easy, we just need to boil the herbs, that is, make a tea, which apply with cotton wool when warm. If we do this twice a day will soon see the results: a brighter and smoother skin in just weeks.


Aloe Vera, cucumber and yogurt: there are three ingredients that are mutually reinforcing. With aloe deep hydration is achieved, and antioxidants are added to the cucumber and yogurt.

The recipe involves placing a cucumber, the flesh of an aloe leaf and a cup of yogurt in a blender. You get a paste that can be applied in areas to be treated or full face mask. This treatment is ideal for beautifully soft and smooth skin before an important appointment. We can complete anti-aging effect with slices of cucumber on the eyes.


Carrots, olive oil and yogurt: the carrot has large amounts of vitamin E, like olive oil. Combined in mask-derived ingredients, blending the three can apply to the face and neck to prevent wrinkles and improve the overall appearance of the skin many times a week as we deem necessary.

Leave on this mask for 20 minutes, after which rinse with warm water. The antioxidant powers of the ingredients penetrate the skin, so you will notice a greater elasticity and skin nutrition.

Finally, the most effective treatment to improve skin appearance and reduce wrinkles is to choose healthy foods, maintain a menu rich in fruits and vegetables, avoid too much sun, alcohol, snuff, etc.. and do sports and exercises on a regular basis.


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