10 Fitness Tips To Keep In Shape Without Going To The Gym

If you have to give up the gym to avoid extra fees or due to time constraints, do not worry, there are many different remedies to prevent a sedentary lifestyle that affects fitness. This post is useful for most cases and stories for women to keep fitness with regular activities.

How much exercise is good for keeping the mind active: we all well aware that there are some activities comparable to physical exercises that you can do with peace of mind to help your mind and holding off stress.

Following are a set of guidelines and fitness tips, keep this in mind and start to put into practice.
1 – If you have a route by foot to return home from work, from school children, from any place where you are traveling you are, opt for the solution along the road on foot, 30 minutes a day of walking are well and maintain the physical assets. So if you cannot take the bus to travel the route, avoid the car.

playing with them do real exercises from the ball to the circle

2 – If you live in a condominium, you will have the lift, unless you have loads, such as very heavy shopping bags, do not take the elevator and walk on the stairs, do you think that you will burn calories and carve the buttocks, it seems little?

3 – If you have children, you are lucky!, playing with them do real exercises from the ball to the circle, from jumping on the bed to jump rope.

4 – Exercises at home, if you have half an hour free time you could do abdominal or stretching exercises.

5 – If you give a song on the radio that you like so much, dance, dancing is a great exercise for body and mind, finished dancing you will feel charged and in good spirits.

6 – If you miss the free time you have available and the need to tidy up the house, pick up the key in the exercise, it is a good workout.

7 – Cooking, that too is a good exercise for chest, arms and neck.

8 – When choosing a vacation, if you have a choice, think about the campsite: the tent against the wind and sleep for three days without comfort are exercises! It looks similar to a sacrifice, you must first formula to like camping, secondly this will help you make a lot of movement.

9 – Swimming. If you live near the sea in the summer take advantage of a free moment to go for a swim in the winter even a walk on the beach is a good thing. If you do not have the sea nearby, choose the pool, optimized time and go for a swim half an hour, you will do great good.

10 – The last thing is choosing to walk for various activities: going to pay the bills, go to the laundry or whatever.


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