Five slimming and anti cellulite foods

Red apples, yogurt, green tea, pink grapefruit, pineapple have the properties of the five allies to lose weight and cellulite.

Discover with us the five super foods diet that should not be missing from your diet. Put them in your daily menu as a snack, dessert or breakfast. You’ll see the results quickly. Remember that for best results should adopt a healthy balanced diet.

Red apples, yogurt, green tea, pink grapefruit, pineapple have the properties of the five allies to lose weight and cellulite

1. The red apples

They have plenty of pyruvate, an antioxidant and toning to reduce body fat, increases lean body mass and prevent osteoporosis.

Increasing lean body mass is now toned and feels full of energy.

If you eat two red apples a day, thanks to pyruvate that contain (only those with red skin!) Absorbed less fat and your metabolism will be more active. If you want to increase their slimming effect, eat them with yogurt rich in calcium, fat burning, too. Burning fat increases lean body mass (muscle) and the body will have more energy for its daily activities.

They provide about 45 kcal/100 g.

2. The yogurt : you remodel and puts you in a good mood

If you eat two cups per day of natural whole yogurt, thanks to the contents of the latter enzymes, support the intestinal flora, improve the absorption of nutrients and you immediately feel more energy. In addition, skin and hair will be more bright and lively. Yogurt also contains calcium, a mineral that strengthens bones and promotes weight loss. The result: beautiful, toned, full of energy!

Provides from 36 to 90 kcal/100 g

3. Green tea: stimulates metabolism and reduces fatigue

The green tea dissolves fat and gives the energy needed to be reborn with the spring!

If you drink four cups of green tea per day increases energy production by promoting the use of fat for energy (thermogenesis), thereby reducing the stocks of body fat. In addition, green tea reduces fatigue. Contains theanine which acts on glutamate receptors in the cerebral cortex, improving brain activity and reducing mental fatigue.

The calorie intake is low (2-3 kcal per cup).

4. The pink grapefruit: fights cellulite and emotional eating

The grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and lycopene (an enzyme that gives it the pink color), both antioxidants. Vitamin C also improves the circulation, fighting retention and cellulite and strengthens the immune system. The combination of the two substances allows better oxygenation of the whole organism and thus increases the stamina and prevents aging.

If you eat a grapefruit a day reduces the retention and have more energy available: the pleasant sensation allows you to better deal with the day to go to the gym with more enthusiasm and keep in line with less effort. With this action anti-fatigue, also lessens the emotional eating .

Provides 26 kcal/100 g.

5. The pineapple helps you to digest and drains

The flesh of pineapple, rich in sugar, contains vitamins, especially A and C, folate, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron and enzymes, particularly bromelain that aids digestion of protein is also rich in fiber, which have a beneficial effect on ‘ gut increase the sense of satiety.

If you eat 2 slices of pineapple a day, maybe adding all insalata or yoghurt, promotes diuresis. It is therefore recommended in case of water retention, cellulite and overweight to make the most of the property must be eaten fresh.

It provides about 40 Kcal/100 g.


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