Five tips to seduce your man

The seduction is an art that must be continually polished to obtain the desired results. The truth is that we are all different and have different weapons of seduction. The good thing is know how to use at the right time and with the right guy.


If we put our minds to discuss seduction techniques could write entire pages. Therefore, we will list five techniques infallible no matter what your personality or appearance.

Five tips to seduce your man

The first step is to be natural. You’ve heard it and you’re still wondering what is natural. It means being yourself, but without revealing anything about your past. Some women make the mistake of telling all about his life and that ends the boy away you wish to conquer. Remember, the goal is that you want, there will be time for confessions.


The second step is the appearance. When we talk of appearance does not mean a heart-stopping skirt, leather boots or shirts transparent. It means being clean, having its nails trimmed, the hair clean and combed and not too revealing dress at the time at least at first. Nobody likes girls with misaligned or poor hygiene. In turn, this will make you be absolutely sure of yourself.


The third step is to hit it with your femininity. All men like feminine women, be gentle, calm, speak gently and make them feel good. Take care of your gestures and mannerisms. Pay attention to how you sit or walk. It also reveals much about your femininity.


The fourth point is to show safe and smart. The security and intelligence are powerful weapons of seduction but do not go overboard and want to give the impression that you know everything, contradicting everything he says. Listen it carefully and show interest in what he says. Ask questions about their lives but are general and praise him for his virtues. That men love it.


The fifth and final step is to generate some physical contact but mild. Do not throw it up as a girl think you’re easy and that will take your interest if you are looking for a long term relationship. Maybe you can include small touches like touch his arm or shoulder or walk together and tilt your body slightly toward him. You do it in a way that he thinks it’s just casual.


With these techniques you infallible win the boy of your dreams in just five steps.


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