Fix Windows Vista: professional tips

Anyone can repair Windows Vista, it works with and without the recovery CD, it depends on the individual case.

It does nothing if important system files have been corrupted by Windows. Then, error messages appear at startup and important programs no longer start. Corrupted system files can, for example, be damaged by other tools or programs, but everyone can personally fix Vista.

Fix Windows Vista professional tips

Feasibility of repair

There is the option to repair Windows Vista without CD. If the computer can still boot up, you may be perform a system recovery.

If the system does not start, you can download a recovery CD from the Internet. Especially in this day and age, a new computer comes with a preinstalled operating system, a customer will receive the installation CD is not therefore included. So there is the possibility to repair Vista both with and without using a CD.

Windows repair, if the computer no longer boots up

When a computer fails to boot, this case is somewhat more difficult. As a rule, almost all computers with Recovery CDs, these are so-called repair CDs.

Normally, the computer can be started with this CD and it is reset to the state of delivery. The problem here is that all data in the My Documents folder and Desktop may be destroyed, so this method is only possible if there is no other way.

Of course, you can download a Windows Vista Repair precaution free CD and burn it as an image. After firing a live system on the CD, where the original repair center for Vista is included.

The Vista can be started with this CD and after the start leads into a selection menu. The option Repair your computer, Windows Vista can be repaired, and even the correct version must be selected and you must then click on Next.

Vista will now be checked for possible errors of the system and this remains without result, you can click on Advanced Options and Recovery with System Restore, the system can be played back to a previous system restore point.

The regular storage of personal data on an external storage medium is therefore very important. There are also programs that perform the backup automatically.

Windows Vista repair, when the computer starts

Using the system recovery you can repair Windows Vista, but here, the computer can start. Go to  start menu, all programs, then to Accessories, then System Tools, System Restore. Just re-store your system to an earlier date on which everything worked fine.

This opens a wizard that assists in the recovery of the system and you need only follow the instructions. The computer must be restarted when the system recovery was successful.


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