Fogged windows in the winter – what you can do?

Join fogged windows in the winter, you should go search for causes, to avoid consequences such as mold.

In many homes, windows come on foggy in the winter. Particularly bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms are affected severely. You should first check whether there is a defect that is caused by improper ventilation or no ventilation.

Fogged windows in the winter – what you can do

Especially in winter, it is necessary to provide for sufficient air exchange. This is achieved by flushing air five times about five to ten minutes. In this way the humidity can be lowered in the room, however, should not the temperature be lowered too much. The lower the air temperature, the less moisture can be absorbed, so that the condensate formed especially on the windows. Therefore: continuous ventilation can cause the opposite, as the room cools down too much.

For non-heated rooms, the door should always be closed so that the cold air does not hit the warm air of the other rooms. It is optimal to keep the whole house at a temperature of about 20 degrees, so can not cool down the walls.

The bedroom is particularly fast condensation on the windows. On the night breathes the man from the water. If the room is cold, the moisture can not be recorded. It also provides for an overnight air, foggy windows in the winter can be easily avoided. This also applies to the kitchen and the bathroom. Especially when cooking or showering produces a lot of moisture. A constant supply of fresh air to prevent the formation of condensation.

In the event that your laundry is dried in the apartment must be provided for proper ventilation. However, you should wash as dry as possible in a dedicated room, because here is very much moisture.

If the tips are adhered to proper ventilation, but it has still fogged windows in the winter, the windows should be checked. A professional appraisal is important, because the landlord must be informed about the shortage. This should do the tenants a very timely manner in order to avoid consequential damage such as mildew.


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