Foot odor and deodorant

By sweating body cools and releases toxins, this process happens all the time and is enhanced when it is hot or situations that alter the metabolism of the body.

Many believe that foot odor is due to perspiration, but this is not so but the fundamental causes of this are the fungi and bacteria that are normally in the skin but they grow too much for the humid environment led by the sweat and shoe closure.

Foot odor and deodorant

In order to combat foot odor, as well as using specific deodorants can also implement other tips.

  • Use antiperspirant deodorant for feet , which can be natural.
  • Wash your feet a few times a day with warm water and soap, then dry them well and apply a foot powder, especially between the toes.
  • Change your socks frequently, if required to do 4 times a day and always uses that are of natural fibers of cotton because synthetics tend to have smelly feet and do not absorb moisture.
  • Using two pairs of socks at a time can help you control excessive sweating, but always have to be cotton.
  • The shoe must allow aeration, it is always advisable to opt for those with split ends or porous materials because the closed compound the problem and provide the perfect environment to grow the organisms responsible for bad odor.
  • You have to manage stress, the sweat glands in the feet act similarly to the armpits and respond to emotions and stress by secreting more sweat.
  • Lava shoes frequently, especially when you use it for exercise. Also remember not to wear the same shoes two days running because they take about 24 hours to dry completely.

It is worth clarifying that when a fungus problem while taking into account these guidelines is important to apply a treatment antifungal. When you have foot fungus as well as the odor may also appear on the skin lesions, yellow nails, peeling and extreme itching.


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