Free downloads Samsung apps on the Samsung smartphone

The Samsung smartphone users can also use free apps, this works directly on the smartphone or via the computer. With a Samsung smartphone, the Samsung users can enjoy a lot of apps for free. All Apps available on the Internet in an App Store.

If a user wants to use Samsung apps for free so he can look at the Samsung App Store. In the first step Apps Samsung opens at the Smartphone. For this use the symbol chosen for the store in the main menu. This will open the main page of the Samsung app stores, where a user can search for desired apps. This store has a wide selection of free and pay apps.

If the user has found an app of their choice, he can select this. In the details can be found if the app corresponds to their own ideas. In the details of the costs can also be checked again. After downloading the apps are loaded on the smartphone in a folder intended for applications. Following the installation, users can use all Samsung Apps for free.

Free downloads Samsung apps on the Samsung smartphone

How to use free Samsung apps via computer

The user can also use Samsung Apps free of charge via the computer. Download the desired apps to the computer first, and then synchronize the smartphone with the computer. The program is started after the successful installation and one’s own country is selected. A user can become a member, he must enter personal data and agree to the license terms.

The next step, the user can enter data for payment, but this is only important incase of using paid apps.

If a user wants to use the Samsung apps for free it connects to the phone to your computer. In the following display will appear already installed apps and the phone itself is detected. Even at the Samsung slush App Store, all apps are automatically displayed that are compatible with your own smartphone. The download procedure as described above.


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