Mixed Games for baby shower invitations

Are you organizing a baby shower for a friend or relative? Remember that you can not forget the games! This celebration is the perfect excuse for the mother to have fun with your loved ones and a way is playing and laughing a lot. So we proposed some ideas for baby shower mixed games, that serve both the baby shower guests as well as invited women and men also.

Guess who’s who
Wanted: Photos of all guests as babies

How to play? First, you must warn all guests to bring pictures of him from when they were babies. Then they should put all those photos together in one big collage. The person to guess who’s who faster is the winner.

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Baby Names
Needed: paper and pencil to record for each person

How to play? Each person should write a list of all baby names you can think of in 5 minutes. Whoever scores more names in that time is the winner. To make the game more challenging, you can restrict the list to names that begin with a certain letter, they are just names girl or boy names, for example.

How many baby items can you name?
Needed: paper and pencil to record for each person

How to play? Everyone should write a list of all the baby items you can think of in 5 minutes. Whoever scores more items at that time is the winner.

Mixed Games for baby shower invitations

Do not say “baby”!
Needed: brooches, necklaces or some distinctive for all guests

How to play? Each guest will receive a badge upon arrival at the baby shower. When someone hears that someone said the word “baby” in conversation has the right to take the mark. The person who has gotten more distinctive along party wins.

Guess the age
It takes photographs of the mother as a baby, child, teen, current, etc.

How to play? Each person should say how old the mother in each photograph. The guess in as many images, wins.

Place the pacifier in the baby’s mouth
Needed: a large picture on a poster of a baby face, a picture of a pacifier, adhesive paste and a scarf to cover your eyes

How to play? Hang the picture of the baby on the wall. Each player must wear blindfolds handkerchief and paste photo pacifier closest to the baby’s mouth as you can (without looking, of course). Who is closer to the baby’s mouth wins.

What’s in the bag?
Needed: 10-15 paper bags, 10-15 baby items

How to play? Put a baby item in each bag, the bags should be tightly closed and where possible should be a dull color to show through anything. Pass them one by all the guests: they can only play them but not open them. Then, each item must risk baby what’s inside each bag. After the game, open the bags and reveal the results: who guessed more wins.

Guess the song
Needed: music player and several known nursery rhymes

How to play? The first to say the name of the song that is playing, wins.

Makes you want to be playing right now! I hope you achieved and you liked these baby shower mixed games and incorporate them into your little party.


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