Free online games: Gravity Duck

The online mini-games are a perfect way to spend time entertaining in front of your computer screen. Perhaps to relax in a day of work or study or just to kill hours of boredom at home, on the net there are hundreds of simple games that used to have some fun without major implications. In addition, most of them are completely free.

Free online games gravity duck

Today we recommend Gravity Duck , a funny minigame that can be found on the web Freewebarcade. This game is a funny duck we have to take at the end of a journey, as in many games of this type. The special feature is that if you press the X button, you can change the direction of gravity, so the duck can walk on the ceiling.

The first screens are fairly simple, and that change gravity again and again easily reach the egg in just the maze. However, often you proceed through the game the story will be increasingly difficult, as it will appear many obstacles that will make it to the end more difficult … and more fun.

Games related to the severity and the ability to jump is a classic in the gaming world since in the first adventure of Supermario we found this opportunity. But Gravity Duck proved that the simplest may be the most fun and the classics always work.

But on the Web Freewebarcade not only find Gravity Duck , but there are a variety of online games in many different themes with which they have a fun time.


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